Odd One Out

20:41 / HD video
Colour / Mono sound
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Odd One Out is a sci-fi fantasy story told almost without dialogue that takes place in a surreal film-noir universe inhabited by faceless living mannequins. A paranoid military cabal looking for the ultimate war deterrent create a mechanized colossus in an underground laboratory, but a mysterious organization of black-suited anarchists brainwash a hapless soldier into triggering the monster’s escape. This act of sabotage is only one part of a sinister plot that plunges the city into all-out civil war and leads to an apocalyptic final confrontation. Six years in the making, Odd One Out was filmed entirely with miniatures and practical effects, and features just four actors playing over seventy characters. The soundtrack features several songs by acclaimed jazz guitarist Kevin Breit.

“Beautiful and slightly unsettling, but definitely unique.”
(Trevor Nichols, The Fitzhugh)

“The focus on surreal visual effects helps create an unsettling fugue that permeates the film… fans of the cold war B-movie sci-fi genre and DIY practical effects films are sure to find plenty to hold their attention.”
(Ben Johnson, The Film Yap)

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Odd Still 11

For screening/exhibition copies of the film, please contact the director.

About Kevin Breit
Kevin Breit is a guitar player from Elora, Ontario. His group, The Sisters Euclid, has been a fixture at the Orbit Room in Toronto for the past 13 years. Many professional musicians in Toronto consider Breit’s regular performances to be one the city’s hidden gems. He is viewed as one of the most innovative guitarists currently working by some of his colleagues. One reviewer referred to him as “the best guitar player you’ve never heard of.” Kevin has worked as a session musician with a variety of musicians including The Miller Stain Limit, Norah Jones, Michael Kaeshammer, Celine Dion, Marc Jordan, Molly Johnson, Harry Manx and Holly Cole. He also performs as a solo artist and as a member of the folk group Folkalarm. For more information visit: www.kevinbreit.com