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The Love Song

2004 & 2013
10:03 / SD Video
Colour / Stereo sound

The Love Song looks at how creative gestures and actions can both energize and forge connections between the otherwise mundane ephemera of modern life. This is a new condensed version of a short film from 2004, which in turn was constructed using images from a long-form video installation by Scott Birdwise called Aleatorymotionpictureshow.

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DIALOG (feat. music by Akisakila)

9:35 / SD Video
Colour / Stereo sound
Stills / Screenings

DIALOG is an abstract animated film. It is entirely synthetic; no cameras were used to create the visuals, and no instruments were used in the production of the music. The film associates moving colour-shapes with particular musical sounds in a prearranged sequence, but then plays with the ‘rules’ of the sequence to explore the relationship between harmony and dissonance in the viewer’s perceptive experience. Featuring music by Akisakila.

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Orbits (feat. music by Akisakila)

3:11 / SD Video
Colour / Stereo Sound

Orbits is a simple experimental short looking at how easily representational images can be transformed into abstract ones. By reducing the perspective to a series of moving circular “peepholes,” the viewer becomes more inclined to see the shapes and their patterns than notice the live-action footage of waves and trees in plain sight behind them. Orbits is an extract from a longer work titled Welcome Back, Good Sleep? that was originally made as a visual accompaniment for a live performance by Akisakila.

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About Akisakila
Akisakila are Shub Roy and Joshua Bastien. They attempt to combine noise, electronic, dub, indie, pop, electro, hip hop, classical, avant-garde and post-musics into something that makes sense to them. Their experiments are performed with guitar, bass, synth, drum machine, theremin, toy instruments, industrial materials, various percussion, many effects, a computer, and sometimes visuals.