Endless Fun

38 sec. loop / 4K video
Colour / Stereo sound
Photo Gallery / Stills / Exhibitions

Endless Fun is a looped video installation that uses handmade miniatures to depict the queuing area of an unpopulated amusement park ride. Decorative passenger carts, animated with stop-motion, come to a stop at a vacant platform and raise their mechanized safety barriers for no one before setting off again in an endless cycle. The ride and its design elements are Tiki-themed, referencing Disney’s appropriation of Polynesian iconography across various media since the 1960s, but through its evocation of the uncanny, Endless Fun turns a critical eye towards the haunted nature of Disney’s cultural colonization, and conjures up notions of purgatory, limbo and the infinite.

Endless Fun was originally commissioned for the group exhibition Disney Made Me Do It, which was presented as part of the 2014 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

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